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  • Fitness Sales Associate

    HOTWORX Powell (Sawmill Pkwy)
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    HOTWORX - 24-Hour Infrared Fitness Studio is the first ever implementation of 3-dimensional training. We combine Heat (dimension 1), Infrared Energy (dimension 2) & Exercise (dimension 3) to help members flush toxins, tone up, and torch calories. Our studio offers 24-hour access to unlimited sessions ranging from HOT Yoga, to Hot Cycle, Hot Buns and more. Our exclusive workouts are led by a virtual instructor in a semi-private environment, suitable for all fitness levels to give members MORE WORKOUT IN LESS TIME!


    Do you love interacting with people? Do you love to make people feel better about themselves? Are you a result orientated person with a drive to succeed? If you can say "YES" then HOTWORX is the place for you!!!


    To provide superior customer service, drive traffic into the location, continually increase the membership base and focus on the retention of current members.

    • Assist manager in social media engagement posts, promotions, and ongoing ad campaigns by providing insight on results, ideas, and more to increase traffic and promote online engagement.
    • Review and update Studio Prospecting/Client tracking logs daily to ensure proper exercise of prospecting duties and follow to increase sales opportunity and personal commissions. This includes new member follow up, new guest tracking, etc.
    • Sell memberships and do the necessary prospecting and outside promotions for new members. Achieve all membership sales goals. Full billing information and signatures are required for completed sales.
    • Sell retail and learn everything that needs to be discovered about all products and future products that will be introduced. Achieve all retail sales goals.
    • Perform the lesser exciting duties with positivity such as cleaning and keeping the equipment in tidy order.
    • Do want is necessary to meet all prospecting and sales goal.
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