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  • Joslyn Law Firm: Minor traffic violations

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    March 20, 2020
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    Don’t let a minor traffic violation turn into a major deal
    CINCINNATI, Ohio – Most adults get into a vehicle just about every day to drive to work, school, church, restaurants, stores and other places in their community. It’s such a common activity that when most people think about a traffic violation, their mind immediately goes to a minor infraction, like speeding or a traffic ticket.
    However, traffic violations cover a wide variety of offenses that range from driving with a suspended license to vehicular homicide. The penalties vary for each offense based on their severity, but not one of them are desirable when you need to get to work or school and suddenly find yourself with a suspended license, said Brian Joslyn, managing partner at the Joslyn Law Firm in Cincinnati.
    In some cases, the offense is subjectable, leaving it up to the police officer if you violated the rule and deserve a ticket or need to be taken into custody.
    An example of this could be reckless driving. Say you and a friend are practicing your winter driving skills by going to an empty parking lot and skidding around on purpose. Are you driving recklessly? According to the letter of the law, probably, but maybe the police officer won’t issue you a ticket.
    On the other hand, if you are on a crowded road weaving back and forth across the center line, most people would definitely consider that a reckless driving violation that needs to be ticketed.
    The severity of traffic and moving violation cases vary. Although most drivers believe that traffic violation are easily managed by paying a fine or taking a driver refresher course, in reality many violations are quite serious and can result in substantial jail time.
    Those with questions about their traffic violations should seek the services of an experienced defense attorney.
    “The Joslyn Law Firm can help you learn more about your traffic charge and assist you in finding the best possible outcome for your situation in the Cincinnati area,” he said. “If you do not hire an experienced criminal defense attorney, you may face severe consequences.”
    Like many states, Ohio has a point system and any driving infraction can mar a driver’s record. Speeding, for example, can put two to four points on your license while street racing is six.
    If a driver accumulates more than 12 points within a two-year time span, their license is suspended. This not only can cause headaches as drivers try to find rides to work, but it can also be a reason for their auto insurance rates to rise. The more points a driver has earned, the higher risk they are considered to be on the road by an insurance company.
    Beyond OVI/DUI offenses, traffic violations are the most common cases the experienced criminal defense team at Joslyn Law Firm handles. They also represent defendants in court for retail theft, juvenile charges, probation violations and bench warrants.
    For details, call (513) 399-6289 or visit CriminalAttorneyCincinnati.com.
    Brian Joslyn, Attorney
    info@criminalattorneycincinnati.com, (513) 399-6289
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